Chalet du Perron
Room and table of hosts

HHistory of the Chalet

This chalet is a family story...

Farmers, our great-grandparents lived in the mountain pastures with their herds for half the year. It was a real little life in the middle of the mountain pastures and the numerous chalets that populated them. During the summer, they made cheese and mowed the fields for hay.

During the Second World War, the Germans suspected the maquisards of taking refuge in the mountain pastures and burned almost all the chalets.

In 1946, the cottage was rebuilt by my great grandfather. Then with the years, the family farm was stopped.

The chalet stayed in the family but without use until my parents brought us there every summer for a magical week of vacation!!! no electricity, no running water but a nice little spring, dishes in the stream and hours of climbing to get there!!! moments so unforgettable for me that I wanted to pass on this passion. So with the help of my father we decided to restore this old chalet in 2016, 70 years after its construction.

The work is still in progress but now we can welcome you from June to September to share beautiful experiences in this magical place!